Take a Brain Break for Thought Leaders

Your brain is the most valuable resource in your business. Why would you not want it to shine? Do you have trouble focusing in the morning until you have another cup of coffee? Do you start to feel drowzy or unproductive mid-afternoon? The best thing you can do to improve focus is to take regular breaks. But when you take a break do you reach for brain numbing snack food? Why not take a brain-enriching Brain Break?

Wednesday October 21st, 2020

1:00 am Central Time                   |               noon  Mountain Time

11:00 am Pacific Time                  |               7:00 pm London, UK

  • Value $297 FREE
  • 60 minutes

This webinar will cover:

  • 5 Brain activities to include in every break to maintain your mental clarity
  • The best and worst foods for improved focus and creativity

Noreen Kolesar; Brain Fitness Trainer

Noreen supports health conscious women discover the brain fitness lifestyle that enables them to live a meaningful and productive life.