Following are some of the sessions that will benefit your company or organization. Whether the goal is to be more productive today or to keep your brain fit into the future there is a session that will meet those needs.

These workshop-type sessions are all interactive so participants have an enjoyable experience learning how to improve their performance by developing their brain.


Sessions Designed for Schools

Brain Gym® in the Classroom

Brain Gym’s fun and easy movements optimize how we learn and perform in all areas of our lives while reducing the stress around brain function. Regular practice of Brain Gym movements stimulates every part of the brain to work simultaneously. This can bring about rapid and lasting changes in fundamental abilities including focus, organization, comprehension, physical coordination, memory, attentiveness and social and communication skills.

This session provides an overview of Brain Gym and an opportunity to practice some of the Brain Gym movements that can be used in the classroom.


Sessions Designed for Business

Take a Brain Break

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t think clearly or that you lack focus? Do you find yourself reaching for another cup of coffee? There is a better way to clear that brain fog. You can take a Brain Break.

For most of us, the work we do is dependent on our unique brain. And while we often think about ways to keep our body healthy, we don’t give as much thought to ways of keeping our brain healthy and running smoothly?

This presentation starts with a brief history of the coffee break followed by some activities that can be added into our day to ease the stress that we put on our brain and our body. You will leave with some practical strategies to use during your coffee break so that you return to your work feeling mentally sharp with clear focus.


Multi-Tasking is Good for your Brain

You have heard it before, ‘Don’t multi-task! You are not as efficient.’ A bit of back ground information on how your brain works will show you that you can multi-task and that, done correctly, you will actually be more efficient. So what is the secret to efficient multi-tasking? This session shows you what to do and what not to do to achieve your best performance when multi-tasking.


Cow Trails Through your Brain

Your brain makes about 35,000 choices a day! Are you making the right choices? Relationships with co-workers, productivity, and job satisfaction can be hampered by thinking patterns. Acknowledging these patterns and applying scientifically proven activities creates a fit brain leading to a better work environment and home life.

This is an interactive session for individuals who want to choose the path of a sharp mind and enjoy more creativity, an improved sense of well-being, higher productivity and a more fulfilling work and personal life.


Sessions Designed for Seniors

Catch the Brain Wave – Activities for a Fit Brain

It is common as we age to worry that we might lose our mind along with our car keys. However, research shows that there are things that we can do at any age to support our brain fitness. Exercising our body, taking time to play, learning to calm our mind, looking for adventure and providing proper nutrition are all sound strategies to developing a fit brain. During this session participants will gain some insights into how our brain operates and what we can do to keep it sharp.



Certificate level course

This course is a 24-hour credit course. The curriculum is supported by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. The course covers the 26 Brain Gym activities, Edu-K’s Five Steps to Easy Learning, and Dennison Laterality Repatterning. Participants experience whole-brain integration through whole-body movement. Content from this course can be applied by students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, healthcare workers, and business professionals. A certificate is presented upon completion.



Certificate level course

Brain Gym® 104 is one of the newer courses developed by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. It focuses on teaching the 26 movements and the basic concepts of the Brain Gym® program. This course is for those who want a deep dive into the 26 Brain Gym movements without as much theory content. Participants will experience whole-brain integration through whole-body movement. A certificate is presented upon completion.


Brain Self-assessment Quiz:

Find out if you have a fit brain in this special self-assessment! Click the picture below to start.

Mindful Quote:

“No matter how old you are, exercise increases your memory, your ability to think clearly, and your ability to plan.”

Daniel G. Amen, MD
Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

Mindful Tip:

Eat 2-3 walnuts a day to improve your brain power and memory, and slow down the aging of your brain.

Mindful Fact:

Your brain, more complex than any computer, operates on about the same amount of power that would light a 10-watt bulb.

Mindful Exercise:

Daily write a Ten-Thing List. It could be Ten Places you want to visit, Ten Names you could call your new puppy, Ten Things you would do in an hour of free time, or Ten Lists you could write for this exercise.