The Ultimate Walking Challenge™

A First-Class Event for a Five-Star Brain

Better-Brain Movement

Experience the brain-health benefits of walking!

You know you want to keep your brain sharp now and into the future. Yet those occasional memory slips bring on the fear of dementia and the loss of independence.

Why join The Ultimate Walking Challenge™?

Research points to walking as one of the best activities for your brain health. Lack of motivation is what stops many people from being more active. Participating in this challenge, your brain will benefit from;

  • Enhanced brain function
  • Reduced stress which clouds our brain
  • Better sleep quality to support clear thinking
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced risk of cognitive decline
  • Support from fellow participants
  • Fun and overall happiness

How the challenge works;

The Ultimate Walking Challenge offers more than just walking. During your walk, The Challenge keeps you accountable by providing a community of supportive individuals. Throughout the challenge, weekly check-in calls will provide ongoing information about the brain-health benefits of walking.

  • The Ultimate Walking Challengeruns for 4 weeks
    • Go for a 20-minute walk everyday
  • Attend weekly informational check-in sessions
    • Share your experiences with others

Online Sessions (10:30 am – 11:30 am Central time)

    • Thursday, March 21   Launch
    • Thursday, March 28
    • Thursday, April 4
    • Thursday, April 11
    • Thursday, April 18   Wrap-up & Celebration