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Brain Gym® 104: Brain Gym 26 Movements

Brain Gym® 104 focuses on teaching the 26 movements and the basic concepts of the Brain Gym® program. This course is for those who want a deep dive into the 26 Brain Gym movements without as much theory content. Participants will experience whole-brain integration through whole-body movement.

You will receive

  • 16-hour Course – this in-the-classroom experience will give you plenty of opportunities to do the movements and get immediate feedback
  • The book Brain Gym Teacher’s Edition (2010) by Dennison & Dennison – you will have this book as a resource to take home after the course is done
  • All handout material
  • Credits and a certificate upon completion from the Educational Kinesiology Foundation – these credits can be applied toward future training for those who become interested in taking further Brain Gym training
  • A draft outline is below

Dates of the course

  • February 8 & February 9, 2020
  • 8 am – 5 pm


  • The fee is $397 per student due by January 25
  • There is no GST/PST


Location: Winnipeg, MB Canada

Application Deadline

Send in your registration by January 25. That allows time to order the books and have them shipped in.

Instructor background/experience

Noreen Kolesar is a certified Brain Gym® instructor and an energetic presenter with many years of experience in presenting workshops and training sessions. She obtained certification through the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in 2000.

Through her company Mindstage, Noreen presents a variety of brain fitness workshops to seniors, businesses, government, schools, individuals and community groups. She encourages participants to think about the importance of developing a fit brain and offers simple strategies to incorporate into their life. Her sessions are packed with information and are highly interactive as participants experience learning not only with their brain, but with their whole body.


Send an email to noreen@mindstage.ca or call Noreen at 204-837-6849.

Course Overview

  • About Brain Gym®
  • History
  • Where used

PACE –Learning Readiness Sequence

  • Practice four movements of PACE
  • Learn the benefits of PACE

Elements of the Learning Flow Chart

  • Recognizing the Brain-Body Connection
  • Appreciating that the Body has Memory
  • Integrated vs Non-Integrated States of Learning
  • Noticing our Body and Readiness for Learning

Three Dimensions of Brain-Body Integration

  • Left/Right;              Laterality   – Communication
  • Up/Down;               Centering   – Organization
  • Front/Back;            Focus          – Comprehension

Four Categories of Movement as Related to the Three Dimensions

  • Lengthening Activities
  • Energy Exercises
  • Deepening Attitudes
  • Midline Movements

Five Principles of Movement-Based Learning

Planning for Implementation

  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Participants Create Action Plan
  • Additional Training Opportunities in Brain Gym

Register for Brain Gym 104

Step 1: Fill out and submit this form

Step 2: Submit payment


Send $397.00 CAD to paypal.me/Mindstage


Make a cheque for $397.00 CAD payable to Noreen Kolesar

1422 Loudoun Road

Winnipeg, MB R3S 1A4


Contact me at noreen@mindstage.ca for other options.