Choose Your Own Adventure to a WISER Brain

In-person – [Embarking on our journey]

  • Objectives of this Pilot Program
  • WISER Program Overview
  • Questions and Answers

Module One – [Introduction to the first location; The Workout Zone]

~ How being sedentary causes reduced stimulation of our brain

  1. Explore the brain-body relationship
  2. Discover how movement affects brain health and fitness
  3. What movements can we do

Module Two – [Intro to the second location; Imagination Playhouse]

~ Discover why having fun is so important to our brains health and well-being.

  1. Our brains are all different and unique
  2. Four important areas of having fun

In-person – [Mid-journey Check Point]

  • Checking in on progress
  • How your brain works – in 10 minutes
  • Questions and Answers

Module Three – [Intro to the third location; Serenity Island]

~ Why we don’t think as clearly when we are stressed, tired or have an overactive mind.

  1. Discover the importance of calming your brain
  2. Stressful Events and Overwhelm
  3. Daily strategies to calm your brain for clearer thinking

Module Four – [Intro to the fifth location; Experimental Station]

~ The importance of actively seeking opportunities to experiment, to explore and to discover something new

  1. Discover how mental stimulation benefits brain health and fitness
  2. Find activities to engage in that regularly challenge your brain.
  3. Dealing with variety and change as a benefit to your brain.

Module Five – [Intro to the fifth location; Royal Buffet]

~ Understanding how toxins assaulting our body and inadequate intake of nutrition have a negative affect your brain.

  1. Substances that harm your brain health
  2. What to eat to benefit your brain health
  3. When and how much to eat

In-person – [Conclusion/Review]

  • Early warning signs of dementia
  • Questions and Answers
  • Where to go from here
  • Wrap-up