Mind & Body Performance Training

A Fit Brain is Just as Important as a Fit Body

A generation or two ago physical fitness was becoming a new industry. Gyms and health clubs started springing up in every neighborhood. Today, brain fitness is getting people’s attention.

Students are under ever increasing pressure to perform well academically. Adults are faced with rapid change in the work place that requires continual training and retraining. Baby boomers, watching their parents and now their friends dealing with dementia are searching for strategies to keep their brain sharp.

An Apple a Day Won’t Keep the Doctor Away

There is no one magic bullet for brain health and fitness. An over-all lifestyle strategy that includes key components is required. An apple a day will help, so will exercise, so will meditation. But also helpful is lying in a hammock in the back yard, learning a new board game with the kids, playing the piano or eating salmon more often than steak.

The key is including specific elements into your lifestyle. However, your lifestyle can still look different from everyone else’s.

New Research

On our side is the advancement of new research methods. In days of yore the research primarily consisted of observing behaviour and gathering statistics. While those methods of research are still valuable and still widely used, researchers now have new methods at their disposal.

The fMRI, the CT scan and the PET scan are just some of the modern tools available to researchers looking to find out more about the mysteries of our brain.

What Does That Mean for You?

As research methods improve so does both the quality and quantity of information that is coming to us about our brains every day. Rather than being helpful all this information can be confusing.

Mindstage is dedicated to staying on top of the latest information on brain health and fitness and bringing it to you in everyday language. Whether you want to think faster, focus better or remember more, Mindstage shows you simple, achievable action steps to tweak your personal lifestyle.

With Mindstage holding your hand you will receive the support you need as you develop routines to improve your learning, stimulate your creativity and maintain your memory.


About Mindstage

Mindstage specializes in brain fitness. Started by Noreen Kolesar to meet the growing need of people who are looking for tools to keep their brains sharp, expand their creative thinking and manage stress.

Mindstage offers performance training for your mind and body no matter what your stage.

Noreen Kolesar is a certified Brain Gym® instructor and an energetic presenter with many years experience in presenting workshops and training sessions. She obtained certification through the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in 2000.

Her sessions are packed with information and lots of activities for participants to experience learning not only with their brain, but with their whole body. Training sessions can be anywhere from 1 hour long to 3 days.

Mindstage primarily operates in Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas, but is available to travel to you. Training sessions can be done anywhere people need training: schools, businesses, government, one-on-one, senior centres and community groups.

Shakespeare said “all the world’s a stage”. Mindstage will help you prepare for your best performance.

Mindstage Presents

Brain Self-assessment Quiz:

Find out if you have a fit brain in this special self-assessment! Click the picture below to start.

Mindful Quote:

“No matter how old you are, exercise increases your memory, your ability to think clearly, and your ability to plan.”

Daniel G. Amen, MD
Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

Mindful Tip:

Eat 2-3 walnuts a day to improve your brain power and memory, and slow down the aging of your brain.

Mindful Fact:

Your brain, more complex than any computer, operates on about the same amount of power that would light a 10-watt bulb.

Mindful Exercise:

Daily write a Ten-Thing List. It could be Ten Places you want to visit, Ten Names you could call your new puppy, Ten Things you would do in an hour of free time, or Ten Lists you could write for this exercise.